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    250 Williams Street NW

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    The American Cancer Society provides educational information about all types of cancer, and news and research resources for patients, their families, and caregivers. Live chat via Internet is available to get information and support. The site also provides access to clinical trial information and treatment centers. Volunteer, donation, and fundraising information are also available.

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    BG 9609 MSC 9760

    9609 Medical Center Drive

    Bethesda, MD 20892-9760

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    This site provides information on all types of cancer, including statistics, information on clinical trials, and research news.

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    PO Box 803338 #38269

    Chicago, IL 60680-3338

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    The Kidney Cancer Association is a membership organization comprised of patients, family members, and health professionals. The organization provides information about ongoing research into the treatment of the disease and advocates on behalf of patients with the government and insurance companies. Meetings are held in different parts of the country and there is an online chat room.